The Honey Trap

Scilla Gabel. In Appreciation

Sophia Loren’s body double….


Born in 1938 in Italy, Scilla Gabel rose to fame as the body double for Italian screen legend Sophia Loren.She starred in films in her own right beginning with Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure in 1959 and ending in 1967 with Zärtliche Haie. By the end of the sixties she moved to television appearances in an attempt to escape the stereotypical roles cinema inevitably offered her.

By 1963 she had undergone two facial operations to change her looks and lose the Sophia Loren lookalike tag. She made a subtle appearance in American Playboy  magazine and to her credit maintained a sense of dignity throughout her career.

The question we at retro culturati pose is this; how many women today would change their looks to NOT look like one of the world’s most beautiful and famous actresses anymore? Very few we would suggest.




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