Retro Heaven

Monica Vitti

Retro Culturati pays homage to the Italian actress…   monica-three Monica Vitti is an Italian actress best known for her roles in the films of Michelangelo Antonioni with whom she would begin an enduring love affair through the 1960s. Vitti won many plaudits during her heyday including seven Italian Golden Globes, five David di Donatello awards as well as the Venice Film Festival Golden Career award. The list of co-starring actors is considerable, including Michael Caine, Richard Harris, Terrance Stamp, Marcello Mastroianni and Dirk Bogarde. She only made two English-speaking films, the 1966 Modesty Blaise, which was one of many James Bond spoofs which swamped the cinemas at that time. In the film she stars alongside both Stamp and Bogarde which was loosely based on the more famous comic strip of the same name whilst it would be some thirteen years later when she starred alongside Keith Carradine in the 1979 film, ‘An Almost Perfect Affair’, a love story set at the Cannes Film Festival. Whilst her success came from working in foreign language films she won praise for her strong on-screen presence, a beautiful woman who encapsulated the look of 1960s. Vitti starred in over fifty films as well as television work before turning to teaching acting. Retro Culturati tips its hat to grace, beauty and talent in any language.Monica-one                         monica-two

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