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riddleEvery once in a while you happen to fall on something that’s just really good. Something decent, well meant and interesting which puts a smile on your face and reminds you of how the world should be. The Riddle of the Sands Adventure Club is all of that and then some.

First of all, take your favourite book and then a good friend who also loves it and go out and follow it every step of the way. Immerse yourselves in every sentence, every detail, every journey and town along its route. Share your research via a blog, podcast, Facebook and Twitter and hopefully you’ll win enough support to help fund the publication of your adventure via Unbound Publishing.

That’s what Tim Wright and Lloyd Shepherd have done and it’s just brilliant. Their book of choice is The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers, a classic spy adventure novel from the turn of the last century it covers espionage, sailing, all things Germanic and two young English gentlemen from the Edwardian era and their adventures in London to the North Sea, the Baltic and back again.

I have just begun listening to the podcasts and for anyone who hasn’t indulged themselves in a podcast before, then you really are missing out. Tim and Lloyd are sharing every step of their adventure through their podcasts and social media, there’s some fascinating information to be found not just on the book but all of the corresponding history which goes with it. For those who pledge a small donation to the book’s publication the authors have listed a number of attractive benefits depending on size of donation. From £10 upwards you can receive a copy of the book with your name printed in every copy along with a eBook version and admission to their online private members club. Donate more and you could be one of those stood quayside to greet them as they sail back at the end of their trip later this year and share a tipple with them at the book’s launch party.

Self-funding is a unique way of interacting with the artist/author and vice versa. It enables you to help a project you feel strongly about and become, in however big or small a way, forever associated with it. I like the idea of that and one never knows how successful a project may eventually become.

Retroculturati will be following this adventure via the podcasts with a glass of red and a map, do take a look at their project and you never know, it may well inspire you to do something similar.

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