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Michael Winslow does Led Zep…

Michael-Winslow-2-showcase1It never ceases to amaze me how much great material there is to be seen on YouTube, a simple search term can lead to some really remarkable and memorable video footage. Musically, it has been a blessing for this blogger. I have seen videos of artists such as John McLaughlin, Free, Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy etc that I could only have dreamed about before.

There are thousands of versions of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ doing the rounds on YouTube, some good, some excellent whilst many are pretty awful. But take Ritchie Blackmore’s pointy hat off to this man, Michael Winslow doing his human beatbox version on a Norwegian talk show. He’s got a guitarist to accompany him, and when I first heard it I thought the in-house band, which every talk show has, had joined in. But no! It’s just his voice.

Winslow is an American actor best known for the Police Academy series, check his songs out on YouTube, he’s an amazing talent.

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