Retro Heaven

Goodnight, Mr Spock

Remembering Leonard Nimoy….

SPOCK-mr-spock-35423718-400-303So we say goodbye to the actor Leonard Nimoy, known across this planet for his role as Mr Spock in the 1960s sci-fi television series, Star Trek. Whilst I could never be labelled a ‘Trekkie’ he is one of the few actors to be able to claim universal affection from fans and non-viewers alike. Despite first airing almost fifty years ago, people of all generations are aware of his character. It’s quite remarkable really.

What was it about that original series and its characters that had such a long and endearing effect on people I wonder? As a boy I would watch it if either I remembered to or my parents allowed it, but either way I was never totally sold on it. But I loved Mr Spock. I can still do his hand gesture, my brother, cannot. I know this because last month, thirty five years on, I challenged him to do it. That’s my point.

A less likely sex symbol than one could imagine but by 1967 Nimoy was receiving ten thousand fan letters a week, he and the series were a phenomenon. William Shatner will always be Captain Kirk, regardless of those who followed and doubtless acted the part better. Is there another Doctor? A ‘Scotty’ or Mr Sulu? Who can forget the exotic Lieutenant Uhura? Not me, and I wasn’t a fan.

So here’s a Vulcan salute to a childhood symbol of carefree happiness now sadly departed. Here’s the intro, again, I defy anyone who was around in the late sixties and seventies not to hear this and smile.


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