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I Feel Free

Cream in stereo sound…

Cream_I-Feel-Free_largeThought I would share this little gem with all of you retro rock fans out there. Written by Jack Bruce and a poet called Pete Brown who was in a band with John McLaughlin at the time, I Feel Free is one of the defining tracks of Cream’s catalogue. It was released in 1966 and became their second hit single and the opening track for the US release of the album Fresh Cream.

I’ve always liked this track even if I preferred the Hendrix Experience. I never quite ‘got’ Cream, granted, Bruce, Baker and Clapton were/are brilliant musicians but apart from the obvious stand outs much of their work passed over me. There has always been something about this track though, I love its energy, so of its time, so different.

So I came across this fabulous version which is in stereo and literally bursts out of my computer’s speakers. Even if you are not a particular fan it’s worth cranking the volume up, closing your eyes and imagining London in the summer of ’66. (it was released in the December but who cares!) England have won the world cup, love is the drug and the music scene is set to be turned on its head….

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