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The Best Side of the Moon

Australian Pink Floyd UK tour 2017….

There are very few concerts which hold any appeal for me these days. A combination of advancing years on both mine and my favourite artists puts paid to appreciating the live music spectacle. Much of today’s artists and genres I find forgettable and so my soundtrack remains somewhere between 1967 and 1990.

One band I would have liked to have seen was Pink Floyd, I have been listening to them since they released The Wall, ironically my least favourite album but I never had the opportunity to see them perform live with Roger Waters, that for me, would be a prerequisite.

Such is the popularity of a band like Pink Floyd you are left with little choice to either see them in a huge arena or, as I did, see a tribute band. The Australian Pink Floyd are a staggeringly good group. They were good enough to perform at David Gilmour’s birthday party and the late Rick Wright played with them live on one occasion. They are a serious, worldwide-touring group with a stage show to match.

Playing through the Dark Side of the Moon album I was struck by the accuracy of the songs, to hear Breathe and The Great Gig in the Sky played at volume was rather special. This was the soundtrack to my formative teenage years and they did my memories justice. If you can get to see them then you really should.

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