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Fleetwood Mac ‘tribute band’ tours the UK in 2019….

The latest incarnation of Fleetwood Mac is set to tour the UK this year. Described by the now sacked Lindsey Buckingham as a “tribute act” the four remaining members from their most successful line-up are set for another handsome pay day before they finally disband for good. Buckingham clearly received a settlement sufficient enough to fund another solo project and it could be safe to assume that not touring with the band will not have upset him as much as his pay out might suggest it has but for him to question the arrival of two new musicians to the band would suggest his memory is not what it once was.

If I were to pay the ticket price to see the band then I would prefer Buckingham to be in it than not but Buckingham should remember that both he and Nicks joined the band at the same time in 1974 and up until that point Fleetwood Mac were well known for their line-up changes. Obviously Neil Finn and Mike Campbell who have joined the band are unlikely to have the input that Buckingham commanded but the bitter taste of sour grapes prevails and is clearly aimed at his ex-partner Stevie Nicks who was said to have argued against Buckingham touring with the band.

I recently re-watched a Led Zeppelin interview in which Robert Plant expertly dodged the question he has been asked a multitude of times before, Plant’s reluctance to make millions from a reunion should be admired, they did a decent job of the O2 concert reunion but it was clear that Page in particular was long past his best and that Plant’s own band are far more accomplished. Plant has always attempted to bring something new to his audience whilst Page has remained in the studio remastering songs he wrote fifty years ago. When looking at bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones we should ask what we expect of them and in return what they expect from us, should we hold onto our £200 and watch YouTube videos from their heyday or watch our idols, now well past national retirement age perform the songs we love at a level they can no longer reach.

Plant made clear there are notes in his catalogue of songs he can no longer reach and there is a reason for that. I wish Fleetwood Mac well but will hold on to my cash and wait, in hope for a new band to come along who can become the Fleetwood Mac of their generation. Perhaps if there were more such bands we wouldn’t all cling on to our dog-eared copies of Rumours any longer?

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