Retroculturati Books

Introducing Retroculturati Books

New online bookstore from Retroculturati!!…

Today marks an important milestone in my life. After many years working as a senior professional I have decided to pursue a long-held dream to work as an independent book dealer.

Books of all types and subjects have been a passion of mine since childhood and following the effects of Covid-19 on my industry this year the time now feels right to change to a calmer and more fulfilling way of life.

To that end I am now offering a variety of books for sale on ABE Books, a fine portal for quality book purchases and one I have used to improve my own collection for many years. My books will be priced fairly and described in full detail so you can feel confident in getting the book you expect. The genres will be broad and hopefully of interest to you, wherever possible the books will be first editions and of a very good (VG) standard unless age determines otherwise but feel assured that every book will be properly and fairly critiqued with accompanying photographs to help alleviate any concerns. As a collector I know how important transparency is in book buying online and my love of book collecting and reading will be the cornerstone of this business.

Retroculturati Books is an extension to the Retroculturati Platform of website and social media feeds in which I share books from my own collection along with relevant information on authors and artists. There are now two Retroculturati Instagram accounts, the original @retroculturati which is an eclectic mix of my favourite books and other items of personal interest and @retroculturatibooks for the online store.

Please do browse my inventory, I hope you find something of interest and join me as I begin this new venture. You can find my catalogue by clicking here.

Happy reading.



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