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DVD Release of ‘A Most Wanted Man’

Film of the  John Le Carré novel released on dvd…

a m‘A Most Wanted Man’, the film of the book by John Le Carré will, one assumes be forever associated with the death of the lead actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman who died shortly after the film’s completion.

Available on dvd and blu-ray from January 19th it looks like a promising release. Having not seen it first time around on the large screen I am looking forward to seeing how this Le Carré adaptation stands up to the last one starring Gary Oldman.

Based mostly in Hamburg, the film also stars William Defoe and Rachel McAdams as Annabel Richter, a human rights lawyer. The story which follows money laundering and funding for terrorist organisations was made into a screenplay by Andrew Bovell who wrote Edge of Darkness for Mel Gibson. I am hoping he, and the cast do the book some justice, whilst Le Carré’s later works have often irritated with their self-indulgent rants against corporations, Africa etc the old man deserves a good production nonetheless.

Hoffman was a very good actor and one can only hope this was a fitting swansong for a troubled man.

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