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New Collection of Essays by Clive James

Summer release of new book by Clive James…

CJGood news indeed for literary lovers this month with the announcement by Clive James’ publishers of the release of a new volume of essays by the great man. ‘Latest Readings’ runs to 192 pages and is the latest in a remarkable ‘up yours’ to his awful battle with terminal leukemia which he contracted in 2010.

He dedicates the book to “my doctors and nurses at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK” and fittingly so for the literary world has been bracing itself for news of his demise for some time now. James takes this fact in his very characteristic stride, regardless of his inner feelings he manages to maintain his famous wit when talking about it and despite it has managed to continue writing poetry, his great love.

Latest Readings will be his second book release this year and for those of us who have enjoyed his previous volumes of essays it will surely be one to cherish. One can always expect an eclectic range of subject matter from America as a superpower to Patrick O’ Brian and Joseph Conrad whose books he read whilst staying in hospital. In the case of Conrad it is a return to Lord Jim which he says he hated at university and finally got around to revisiting. He has his daughter to thank for O’ Brian’s ‘Jack Aubrey’ novels, declaring that he found himself reading all twenty volumes!

He tackles Hemingway in two essays, women in Hollywood and V.S. Naipaul amongst others. If you are unsure what to expect then pick up a copy of ‘Cultural Amnesia’ and await with baited breath.

Latest Readings is set for release on August 25th 2015 by Yale.

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