Happy Birthday Christopher Hitchens

The Hitch remembered…

April 13th marks the birth date of the late Christopher Hitchens, a remarkable man on many levels and one who courted controversy but raised awareness in equal measure, never ducked a fight or gave ground. Whether you liked him or not, agreed with his position or totally opposed it, he was a man who encouraged everyone to take an interest, make a stand and to educate oneself to the point of making an informed comment on current affairs. He hated ignorance, be it political, religious or other and through his writings he set out to show the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

Whilst much of his later life was taken up with his writing and lectures on religion and his dismissal of it as ‘supernatural’ or defending his stance on the Iraq War it is his remarkable essay writing and literary criticisms that should never be forgotten. Always incisive and often written after a long drinking bout his grasp of the English language was remarkable and it flowed beautifully throughout his pieces on a huge array of subjects.

There are and will continue to be posts about his books, lectures and interviews on here so I shall say nothing more than Happy Birthday to a man whose like I really do not believe we shall see again.


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  1. For me, quite the most remarkable and eloquent commentator I’ve encountered in my 54 years on this planet.
    And that we will encounter his like again in this lifetime seems wholly improbable.
    Worth waiting the 54 years for.


    • Nick,
      Welcome to the site and thank you for the comment. Could not agree more. Desperately sad to see his, of all voices break down towards the end. Such a contribution in so many ways. I miss him very much.


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