Tom Hardy as Don McCullin

Tom Hardy to play legendary war photographer in new biopic…

don-mccullinCurrent heart throb actor Tom Hardy is set to play the lead role in a new biopic of legendary war photographer Don McCullin.

Based on McCullin’s  brilliant autobiography ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’ it will cover his remarkable life and career which saw him record stills of some of the worst conflicts of the 1960s and 70s.

McCullin, now aged eighty has seen it all. From the horrors of Vietnam and Cambodia to the troubles on the streets of Belfast, the poverty and slaughter in Biafra to conflict in the Middle East and Europe. I hope it will be a match for the quite brilliant film about his life and doesn’t transcend into romantic farce, it doesn’t need to. Apparently the script will be given to Gregory Burke who wrote the screenplay for the excellent ’71.

The script is already written for them, a rich life in which McCullin witnessed and was understandably troubled by some of the worst kinds of human behaviour. His photographs captured moments of stunning pain and anguish and it is the duty of the film makers to ensure that those who suffered in front of McCullin’s viewfinder are treated with respect and dignity. McCullin constantly wrestled with his conscience over photographing the suffering of others but in doing so he woke the world up to the realities of war.

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