Retro Heaven

Stamp Art by Roger Dean

Yes artist creates new set of stamps….

topHow I envy the good people of the Isle of Man this week! The artist best known for his amazing album covers for Yes, Asia and Uriah Heap has, in conjunction with an exhibition in Douglas, released a set of striking stamps for Isle of Man Post.

The collection, known as The Islands and Bridges Collection has been specifically designed for the stamps and also includes some of his best known pieces such as this from the front cover of Yes’ magnum opus; Tales From Topographic Oceans album.

Dean has sold a staggering sixty million copies of his artwork worldwide, a phenomenal amount for such a specialised art style. But then he absolutely captured the essence of the prog-rock movement of the period. Yes’ music was ‘other-worldly’ to say the least and so the pairing of Dean with their music proved the perfect match.

It is easy to ridicule science fiction and fantasy but the artwork is extremely clever and eye catching. As a teenager I was easily hooked by the Yes albums and the book covers of science fiction novels. I spent hours starring at the covers of Fragile, Tales From Topographic Oceans, Yessongs, Yesterdays and the underrated Relayer. Roger Dean deserves his place in music/art folklore.


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