Retro Heaven

Music and Footage of Cold War Berlin

Images to Dylan Howe’s version of David Bowie’s ‘Subterraneans’….

A couple of years ago I had the good fortune to see drummer Dylan Howe and his band play the full track listing of his then new album ‘Subterranean’, his take on Bowie’s classic from his ‘Berlin Period’. It was a remarkable concert, the quality of musicianship was of the highest order which included the brilliant Andy Sheppard and the evening was enhanced by the video backdrop of footage taken from Berlin during the Cold War.

The imagery was intriguing, the music effortlessly combined with the old tapes and ever since I have wondered where I could see this compilation. Well, finally I have found the person responsible; Robin Youlton has uploaded his work to YouTube and I would urge anyone with a love of that period to watch it. The music is the title track and the opening piece of the album by Dylan Howe. I cannot recommend the album highly enough and kudos to Robin Youlton for a fine compilation.

Sit back and enjoy….


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