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Go Fishing with Jack Charlton

The 1980s television series ‘Go Fishing with Jack Charlton’…..

In the early 1980s one of my favourite television series was Go Fishing with Jack Charlton. It was gloriously simple in its execution and the former England World Cup football winner was a natural at presenting.

Suitably attired in army jumper, flat cap and wellington boots, he presented a number of programmes  on both coarse and salmon fishing as well as shooting and his pride at being a northerner knew no bounds. Charlton was always a ‘man’s man’ and approached his football and fishing in the same way. I still have the VHS videos, it was a shame he didn’t make more of them but I suppose the lure of managing the Republic of Ireland and taking them to their first ever World Cup was too good an opportunity to miss.

Clearly of its time but well worth a watch for a warming bout of nostalgia; cigar in hand, an effortless cast of the line and good old-fashioned bankside chat, he was the last of a football generation and this series was one of the last of its kind too. I’d almost forgotten how much I liked his style of presenting.

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