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The ‘New’ Raffles Long Bar

Raffles Long Bar in Singapore….

There are very few hotels in South East Asia as iconic as Raffles in Singapore, sat under the towering skyscrapers and mega hotels which dominate the country’s skyline it still stands out from afar as a landmark of Singapore’s past, present and now, very much, its future. With a multi-million dollar refurbishment close to completion it will once again open its doors to those who can afford the ultimate in heritage hospitality and for those who cannot, there is and always has been, the Raffles Long Bar.

It’s been thirteen years since my last visit, waiting for a table I glanced inside to remind myself of what I had missed and once sat, those memories flooded back. The crunch of the discarded peanut shells under ones feet, the rattan furniture, 19th century style ceiling fans and the long wooden bar to sit and watch the cocktails prepared all add to the magic of the place and a feeling of days very much gone by.

Sipping my Gin Pahit I thought of those authors whos forays into this part of the world ignited my interest with their writings; Greene, Maugham, Kipling, Conrad, Burgess and more, the Long Bar works on tradition and that tradition works, just like the great authors of the past century. I embrace technology and modern comforts but they have some way to go before they beat a great book and a cold gin at the Long Bar!


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