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I recently began an exercise on social media to showcase books by my favourite authors in alphabetical order. It actually began with a tweet called P is for Pasternak which sparked the idea and I subsequently posted each ‘letter’ on my Instagram and Facebook sites.

It has proved very popular, particularly on Twitter where fellow book lovers across the globe have engaged in this small project and shared their favourite books and authors giving me plenty of new reading material to look forward to.

There is a lot of abuse hurled about on social media, particularly on Twitter where the battle lines are drawn between left and right for the daily onslaught by faceless experts and common idiots. I take a very particular stance on my social media platforms, I follow and engage with only those who have something pleasant and interesting to say and the book community in particular is a pleasure to immerse oneself in.

Any book collector will understand the importance of owning every variant cover of the same book! This particular project has thrown up some great alternative covers and it has been a real joy to see and share other peoples collections. So if you are one of those who has viewed or engaged with my current postings I thank you. Here’s to making the book community a cultural platform to set the standard for all others to follow!

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