The Retro Idler

The latest addition to the Retroculturati hub is a new Instagram account dedicated to my ramblings in the natural world. I have been obsessed with the outdoors ever since I could walk, from learning to fish with my father and brother to country walks, wild food foraging, keeping a small holding, urban gardening and food photography.

Books obviously tie in with this love, I began reading travel books from a very young age and have collected them for many years. Nature books abound too, I treasure my late father’s books on bird identification, tree, plant and wild flower guides and classic nature writers from Richard Mabey, Robert Macfarlane, Roger Deakin, Chris Yates, Nan Shepherd, Barry Lopez and J.A Baker.

So it’s an oulet for a great love of mine. I live on the edge of an old market town surrounded by thick woodland and ancient meadows and heathland. Huge old oaks form canopies over gardens and pathways, wild flowers flourish in Spring and fields of yellow add to the patchwork landscape during the summer. Many of the gardens reflect their location, evergreen planting with careful consideration to wildlife is noticeable and appreciated and something I want to document as the account progresses. It will be an eclectic mix with nature at its heart and I hope you will stop by.

The Retro Idler can be found on Instagram at @retroidler

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